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Information Security Leadership from the Outside In

Information Security Leadership from the Outside In

Companies of all sizes benefit from from leaps in technology. Unfortunately, that same technology opens the door to information security weaknesses.

Businesses need an information security strategy to keep their customer and company data safe but, for many small to mid-sized companies, hiring a full-time information security executive to lead and implement a strategy either isn’t justifiable or is out of financial reach.

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Services from Splashwire bridge that gap.

What is a CISO?

A CISO is an expert who can provide leadership to your organization to create and execute an information security strategy. This includes developing policies, plans and procedures around the use of technology and the safeguarding of information for your business. A CISO also will serve as an advisor to your organization’s leadership team to guide strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting and resource management.

Why CISO Services?

A full-time CISO hire can be an overwhelming, cost-prohibitive commitment. It also can be difficult to find a candidate with the right level of experience, technical knowledge and business acumen. Many businesses also recognize they need to develop and implement a strategic information security plan but, once procedures and policies are in place, won’t have the ongoing need for a full-time executive-level expert. Outsourced CISO Services is the solution.

Splashwire CISO Services

Splashwire CISO Services are a cost-effective way to add a top-tier expert to your team to support your business with information security expertise and guidance. Through Splashwire’s CISO Services, your business will have a strategic-level leader to get your information security program in place, provide ongoing counsel and support long-range planning.

Get Started

Contact us to us to learn how other organizations benefit from Splashwire CISO Services — and how we can guide your business to effectively implement an information security strategy to support your long-term growth and success.

Splashwire Raises Money for local K-9 Unit

Splashwire Raises Money for Local K9 Unit

In April of 2016, the West Shore Regional Police proposed adding a K-9 unit to the department. Due to budget constraints, the department knew they would need community support and donations to make the K-9 unit a reality.

Officer Christopher Conroy, who is now the department’s K-9 handler, presented the idea to area residents and businesses to raise money. The initial cost to establish the unit was about $80,000.

“There are a lot of costs that go into a K-9 unit; the dog, initial training for the dog and handler, and a specialized vehicle, to name a few,” said Chief of Police Michael Hope.

In a short six months, Officer Conroy raised enough money to start the program. Conroy and K-9 Maximus Winston completed the K-9 academy and the unit became active November 1, 2016. The unit now assists with narcotics, searches, article searches and tracking.

A partnership between Splashwire and the West Shore Regional Police began years ago when Chief Hope attended an open house hosted by the company. The police department prefers to support local businesses, and Splashwire had the technology and networking solutions the force needed.

During a recent company event, Splashwire invited customers to join in donating funds to keep the department’s K-9 unit on the streets in Wormleysburg and Lemoyne.

“Splashwire is proud to lead by example and be engaged in the the communities we serve,” said Splashwire President and CEO Josh Hinkle. “We thank our customers for joining us in raising money for the K-9 unit and we’re pleased to match those donations.”

In total, including Splashwire’s match, $1,250 was raised and donated to the K-9 unit.

What is the Cloud (and how can it help your business)?

What is the Cloud (and how can it help your business?)

After arriving home from a business trip, you realize you forgot to get your laptop out of the trunk of the cab. The repercussions immediately run through your mind. What customer information have you lost? Can you recover those files? Is there a backup stored anywhere so your business doesn’t miss a beat? With the cloud, the answer is yes.

We’ve all heard of “the cloud,” but what is it, how does it work and how can it help your business? The cloud refers to software, services and storage you connect to online, instead of house locally on your computer. Think of Gmail or Netflix – you can login to these services to access your accounts and files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

It used to be that data was typically stored on your computer’s hard drive; everything was physically close to you and it was fast and easy for that one computer, or others on local area networks, to reach the data. Today, the cloud has given businesses the ability to access their information virtually, creating a way of accessing your data from any place, at any time.

How can the cloud help my business?

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the single most crucial component to your technology.

A disaster recovery program based in the cloud (cloud DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events. With proper planning and implementation, you can recover from accidental data loss or a serious security breach. DR also enables an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster like a major natural disaster.

Small businesses that previously couldn’t afford to dedicate significant resources to disaster recovery now have cloud DR within reach. Cloud DR reduces the need for data center space, IT infrastructure and resources.

Cost Savings

Cloud services can lower costs associated with a business’s IT infrastructure. Instead of spending capital on expensive equipment that requires upkeep and maintenance, businesses can sign up for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through the cloud.


We’ve all gone through having multiple versions of the same document and struggling to know which is the right one. The cloud enables real-time collaboration between teams, keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest version and allowing edits from anywhere – on the go, in the office or across town in a meeting.

The cloud also makes it possible to share files that are too large to email to coworkers. When organized correctly, it’s a platform that makes it easier for employees to find what they are looking for on their own without interrupting their coworkers to ask for the latest changes.

How to Get Started

Splashwire has the technology solutions to help your business leverage the cloud. We tailor solutions to fit your goals and budget.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your needs.

Former Aspire Consultant Joins Splashwire

Drew Hufford

Drew Hufford

Splashwire has named Drew Hufford as technology advisor. Hufford previously held technology consulting positions at Lancaster-based Aspire Ventures and a number of firms in Aspire’s portfolio of healthcare IT companies.

“Hiring Drew is another milestone as we bring our bold vision for Splashwire to life,” said Splashwire President and CEO Josh Hinkle. “Drew has a wide range of IT experience and expertise, particularly in the healthcare sector. During the past decade, he helped a variety of healthcare IT companies in our region get off the ground. He has managed complex IT implementations and projects for facilities throughout the country. We are excited to welcome Drew as we expand our team’s capabilities to transform how technology is consumed and experienced.”

In his new role as technology advisor, Hufford will provide strategic planning and guidance to Splashwire’s clients for technology, infrastructure and applications. He also will provide IT solutions, design and project management services.

Hufford has more than 10 years of IT consulting experience. He previously was director of support and operations for Connexion Health, where he helped develop a smart kiosk that makes healthcare screenings more accessible and convenient. He also formerly was director of healthcare IT for Aspire Ventures and MedStatix, where he led infrastructure builds, system integrations, HIPAA compliance and electronic medical record initiatives.

Hufford earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology from Juniata College.

Splashwire is organized around four core services areas: consulting (system integration, migrations, implementation and operational support), solutions (converged architecture, visualization, networking, wireless and locally hosted solutions), security (Security as a Service, compliance, monitoring, incident response and disaster recovery) and communication (business-class Internet and telecommunications solutions).

The company also places an emphasis on C-suite services including Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, an option for organizations that need top-tier IT security expertise and guidance on an ongoing basis; and business intelligence services, which turn raw business data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Formerly operating as 2K Networking, the company rebranded as Splashwire in June 2018. In January, the company announced that Hinkle, previously its director of business development and strategic initiatives, acquired the company and assumed the role of president and CEO.

While Splashwire is well-versed in the complexities of healthcare IT, the firm also has depth of experience in other sectors including education, government, manufacturing and non-profit.