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IT Support

IT Support - SplashwireFor over 20 years Splashwire has been committed to making your job free of frustration by providing you with top-notch IT support that’s a phone call away. Keep your business up and running with ease. We offer IT support services to meet all your needs.

Managed Services

Managed services have grown out of the need for businesses to ensure that day-to-day IT operational maintenance is being performed proactively so that the business owners and managers can focus on the core of the business. As managed services have evolved so have the goals. Managed service goals generally include fixed budget, operational maintenance, and help desk. As business solutions have evolved and security concerns increased managed services tend to include subscription-based software like Microsoft365, Antivirus, remote management tools, security as a service, end point protection, and endpoint detection and response.  Splashwire has developed all of these solutions including our Hosted User model which is a fully encompassing business suite of software, help desk, and security tools leveraging the cloud.

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Help Desk Services

Splashwire’s help desk services are our first line of support when your team needs assistance. Our services range from anything as simple as password reset, onboarding of staff to all-out troubleshooting of your pc, network, and servers. Either way, the Splashwire team is here for you to be the first and only line of support you will need. Our main business hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday with afterhours and weekend support staff.

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Technical Services — Operational Pre-Scheduled Services

Many of Splashwire’s customers have internal IT staff but know they can not hire every skillset in house. Splashwire was founded as a service company providing onsite, technical resources as your IT department or supplemental to your IT Department. Our technical team has various certifications and years of experience in deskside support, virtualization, network management, server management, security best practices, and more. Our team’s proactive, onsite service still accounts today for 60% of our service portfolio. Our staff are trained and certified in the world’s leading technology solutions.

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Virtual Chief Information Officer

Splashwire offers Strategic and Operational Leadership in IT Consulting. Many years ago, Splashwire identified the need to assist our clients in a more strategic manner. The next evolution in service for our customers needed to help them manage the environment that we helped them grow and our vCIO service was born. Our clients needed our team to bring more value to the table than technical support. Their executive team needed assistance in strategic planning to be sure that IT was enabling the business. Business cycles were shortening which required the technology to adapt faster and the need for IT to mature within the business. Splashwire began working with business management to develop budgets, life cycle management of solutions, compliance services, including assessments, vulnerability scans, pen test, and accompanying corporate policy development with human resources.

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