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Cloud Services

Cloud Services - Splashwire
Splashwire delivers custom, hosted services from our datacenter in Harrisburg, PA. Operating our own datacenter allows us full control of occupancy, infrastructure and service in supporting our clients. Our data center experts build best of breed solutions in the cloud, in a monthly consumable model without capital outlay and operational maintenance. And get this, our datacenter team comes onsite to assist you locally with migration to the cloud or hybrid design and implementation. Our solutions shorten implementation time, operationalize capital budgets and create unlimited flexibility.

Hybrid Cloud

Does an aspect of your environment require on-premise technology to support the business? Do you have stringent manufacturing and security requirements that won’t allow key business applications to migrate to the cloud? Yet offloading email and other productivity apps becomes more appealing every day? Let Splashwire help you to build a hybrid network leveraging the cloud and on-premise solutions. Maybe you are looking for high availability between on-premise solutions and the cloud? Building a private, hybrid environment  between your location and Splashwire’s datacenter couldn’t be easier and we have the team to design and implement that solution.

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IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Monthly leased resources to build and adjust infrastructure specs to meet your needs. Pricing simply based on processor core, memory, storage, and Microsoft licensing with the ability to flex with your changing needs and ready to spin up servers when you are. IaaS is a great way to build test servers for evaluation. Offload webservers to leverage our Internet pipe saving you on capacity.

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DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Splashwire’s best of breed backup solutions hosted in our data center in Harrisburg, PA. Design your entire backup solution as a service to our data center at a file and folder level or snapshots of your virtualized servers. Only pay for what you use. Looking for a 3rd site location? Splashwire offers two offsite locations including Microsoft Azure. Perhaps the most important part of designing your DR and BCP solution is leveraging our vCIOs to define expectations for retention and recovery time.

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FWaaS (Firewall as a Service)

Looking for a fully managed network?

Splashwire offers firewall as a service inclusive of managing your network performance and security. Your network can be entirely layer2 or leverage SDWAN for private connectivity between sites. Looking for increased flexibility? You can have your own dedicated connection to our datacenter to either co-locate equipment or leverage our IaaS offerings. With today’s remote workforce, you may even want to leverage mobility workforce into that design.

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SeCaaS (Security as a Service)

All businesses need to define and implement modern security practices. The days of turning a blind eye are over as the threat actors are increasingly aggressive and savvy. The greatest barrier to that implementation is cost. Splashwire has implemented cutting edge solutions with world-class security partners so that we can lease you our solutions. Cutting edge security is finally affordable. Check out our other cloud services as well!

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DaaS (Desktop as a Service or VDI (Virtual Desktop as a Service)

Looking for a consistent, easily deployed, highly secure, flexible and positive user experience for your workforce? Splashwire will build on-premise or host desktop solutions that can be accessed from any device, anywhere for mobile, dispersed and compliance driven workforces. Looking for a specific or customized deployment of hardware and software? Citrix, Horizon View and RDS technology can enable your workforce anywhere in the world.

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Colocation Datacenter Services

Does your company require geographical diversity but lack multiple datacenter spaces? No problem, Splashwire provides simple, cost effective colocation services right here in Harrisburg, PA.

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Whether you’re looking for increased security, colocation, firewall protection, or other services, Splashwire can help with our superior cloud services.
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