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2020 is certainly not the year any of us expected; it’s certainly not how we envisioned celebrating 20 years in business but maybe the challenges of Covid are somehow symbolic of our 20-year anniversary? You see, a good partner is there through the good times and the bad times equally because the relationship matters. Splashwire has endured several economic cycles in those 20 years stride for stride with our partnering clients and Covid is no different. Splashwire embraces those relationships to lead and compliment your #ITStrategy to ensure your success during all business cycles for the long term.

While day to day #ITOperationalService is the cornerstone of our business, Splashwire has grown its portfolio to offer in house, niche #datacenter services; #vCIO services emphasizing #strategy, #security and #compliance; and grown our boots on the ground footprint to service client offices locally throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Splashwire strives “To be the preferred service-driven technology solutions company in the Mid-Atlantic region by partnering with organizations to provide their employees and customers with an unparalleled technology experience.”

Splashwire will continue to simplify how technology is consumed, enhance how technology is experienced, lead with the strength of our capabilities and live our brand boldly, genuinely and unapologetically.

THANK YOU to our clients as your business continues to be our mission!

Your Company Deserves a Better Way To Consume Technology

Your Company Deserves A Better Way To Consume Technology

As a technology and cloud provider focused primarily on the Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) community, we believe this community has been largely ignored by the manufacturing and cloud providers. While there are convenient solutions for the one-man shop (very small) and complex solutions for the enterprise (very large), the organizations in the middle are left to choose between simplistic offerings that don’t provide the appropriate feature sets and expensive, complex solutions that require significant internal resources. Members of the SMB community who require a level of sophistication and security but don’t have a full time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), have been forced to choose to operate without adequate thought, planning and management or create an unsustainable cost structure. Until now…

Splashwire has brought a unique capability to sophisticated SMB companies. We provide the ability to have thought leadership on an as needed basis. We can secure your IT infrastructure and data with no additional costly internal hires. We can get your company to the cloud thoughtfully and securely. Most importantly, Splashwire helps SMBs to be able to:

  • Securely and affordably virtualize your IT needs
  • Create and maintain policy, procedure and practices that safeguard your data
  • Plan refresh cycles and without significant capital forklift upgrades
  • Execute on your IT expansions and refreshes without the burden of internal resources with a partner that has studied and learned your business and its critical performance factors

AND, most importantly, Splashwire allows you to work with a cloud-based partner that develops a personalized Disaster Recovery method for your business that can include Splashwire personnel at your site, with your data, within six hours, anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is this unique blend of data-center ownership and “customer service first” dedication that sets Splashwire apart. Cloud providers, by their nature, operate at a distance. It is their model and, for many, it serves them well. It has, however, created a lack of relationship with their customer base. If you need help, you get the next available technician. With Splashwire, you will know your vCIO/vCISO. You will know your technicians and work with them. The relationship will grow and our customers benefit from working with trained technical resources that know and understand the unique nature of the individual consumer environment.

No two networks are the same. Work with a cloud provider that will work to make your network their own. And when disaster comes, we’ll meet at your place.

Splashwire Adds Two to IT Services Team

Splashwire Steve Barry IT Service Team

Steve Barry

Splashwire Pete Williams IT Service Team

Pete Williams

LEMOYNE, Pa. — Splashwire, a technology consulting and solutions company, today announced two new hires to meet a growing demand for its technology services. Pete Williams has joined Splashwire as a senior engineer and Steve Barry has joined as an inside sales product specialist.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pete and Steve to the team,” said Splashwire President and CEO Josh Hinkle. “We’ve continued to expand, especially with small and medium-sized businesses, and having Pete and Steve on the team enables us to provide more clients with our comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and the simple and well-aligned Splashwire experience.”

Pete has more than 23 years of experience in information technology and specializes in strategic direction, data center planning and operation, and project management. In his new role at Splashwire, Pete works with clients on high-level technical design, implementations, consultations and delivery of technology.

Steve has more than 30 years of technology support, operations and relationship management experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He previously held technology leadership positions at the American Heart Association and EA Engineering, Science and Technology, where he led the implementation of multifaceted operational and strategic plans and projects. At Splashwire, he is supporting the business development team with client management, product pricing, purchasing and receiving. Steve earned his bachelor’s degree from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

Splashwire is organized around five core services areas: consulting (system integration, migrations, implementation and operational support); solutions (converged architecture, visualization, networking, wireless and locally hosted solutions); support (helpdesk support, system monitoring and maintenance, and software upgrades); security (Security as a Service, compliance, monitoring, incident response and disaster recovery); and communication (business-class Internet and telecommunications solutions).

3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Disaster Now

There are an unimaginable number of ways your business could find itself in need of disaster recovery and business continuity. A single file server could fail, impacting anyone requiring access to the data on it. A summer storm could result in a lightning strike knocking out power to your entire business.  An employee could open an innocently-looking email, exposing your business to a virus ready to wreak havoc on your system.

Regardless of the size of the event, a plan that takes in to account mission critical business functions and the parties involved in supporting those functions is paramount to recovering.

Let’s assume an extended power outage occurs.3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Disaster Now

An exercise involving tasks related to a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan can be helpful in making your next power outage less impactful to your business.

  1. Review your current data/server infrastructure backup
  2. Review the status of your UPS (uninterruptable power supply) or generator solution.
  3. Identify three mission critical tasks that would have to be addressed this month regardless of how long a power outage may exist.

Too often, today’s automated backup processes are taken for granted. A combination of “set it and forget it” backup capabilities and the daily challenges faced by today’s fast-paced IT support needs can cause us to push backup monitoring to the bottom of the list. Now is the time to dedicate effort to review backup jobs and their targets.

Here are some key items to review:

  • Has anything changed in the environment to warrant a change in current backup jobs or the creation of new jobs to ensure new data or systems are protected?
  • Have backup jobs been completing successfully?
  • Is alerting configured properly to notify of backup job successes or failures?

It’s also highly recommended your business performs test restores at the file level, virtual machines level (if a virtualized environment) and bare metal restore if hardware is available.

In the event of a power failure, the ability to keep IT systems up and running for a period of time is a vital component of business continuity enabling production timelines to be met.

Here are some key items to review:

  • Verify the age of any UPS and associated batteries and replace systems who have met their intended life cycle.
  • Plan a self-test of associated UPS systems to verify functionality, run time and general health of the UPS and battery systems.
  • Plan a self-test of any generator systems and any systems attached to the generator electrical grid

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Businesses everywhere try to focus on what they need to do to succeed – hitting sales targets, growing and increasing revenue and having a knowledgeable workforce. An important, but often overlooked, component to success is having a plan in place for when things go wrong. Businesses in all industries need to develop strong business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Often times, the topics of business continuity and disaster recovery are lumped together, but they are quite different. A disaster recovery plan focuses on access to the data that runs the business and documented processes to do so during an impactful event. A business continuity plan focuses on restoring business operations and the processes to do so during the impactful event.

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

What is an Impactful Event?

Businesses need to consider their location and industry when researching potential impactful events. Is your area prone for certain natural disasters (hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes to name a few)? Are you in a sector that is more likely to be targeted by a ransomware or malware attack? Each of these attacks impact a business in different ways.

An impactful event can take many forms that may include natural disasters, severe summer or winter storms, fire, flood, accidents, virus outbreaks and ransomware attacks. Each impacts a business in very different ways. With well-researched disaster recovery and business continuity plans, you can mitigate the impact to your business.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a good starting point for protecting your business’s mission critical data. By starting here, we can accomplish a major required component: getting data and systems offsite. There are now automated solutions available that can send protected data and server replicas offsite. Manual methods of getting protected data to offsite locations are also available. By having backups of your mission critical data offsite, your backup data retension needs are met and serve replicas can be brought online in the event of an emergency at your business location. Setup can be accomplished in a matter of weeks while you continue the bigger lift of business continuity planning.

Business Continuity

To begin developing your business continuity plan, start identifying your mission critical systems and data.  Next, determine how long business operations can tolerate those systems being down before severe damage is experienced by operational commitments and timelines. For example; a lightning strike could leave a business without power until the next day. A small manufacturing company may tolerate this impact to productivity until the next day. A healthcare organization will not be able to tolerate this lack of power due to their responsibility to provide continuous care to patients. In the same example, Human Resources may not be severely impacted by such a power event, but medical staff could not meet their responsibilities during this time. As seen in this example, different industries and different business units can have different needs for planning.

How We Can Help

Planning for disaster recovery and business continuity is a big undertaking that many larger organizations talk about, but may have trouble moving from the planning stages to implementation.

Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • What are the mission critical business systems and data?
  • Who are the key stakeholders to participate in planning and developing processes?
  • What kind of technology solutions do we need to compliment our plans?

Splashwire, a technology consulting and solutions company, can help your business establish or update a scalable disaster recovery solution, backed by 24/7/365 local support.

Our solutions include back-up and protection for operating systems, applications, configurations and data for physical and virtual environments. We have the technology solutions and the professional knowledge to kick off the discussion, add to an already successful plan or close the loop on a plan that just can’t seem to become an operational standard.

Contact us to us to learn more.

Splashwire Supports Local Soccer League

Tech company sponsors fundraiser for Keystone FC Scholarship Fund

Splashwire is proud to sponsor the Keystone FC Central PA Soccer Club for its second annual golf fundraiser and dinner. The event will be held at Eagles Crossing golf course in Carlisle on Friday, June 14.

Splashwire Supports Local Soccer League

Keystone FC, a non-profit organization in the Central Pennsylvania area, is devoted to the development of the sport of soccer and offering a premier soccer experience. Keystone FC is committed to educating young people ages 3-19 about the importance of health and active lifestyles.

Founded in 1982 as the Mechanicsburg Soccer Club, Keystone FC is also one of the oldest competitive soccer clubs in the area with a dedicated and professional coaching staff holding National Licenses. In addition to the city of Mechanicsburg, Keystone FC attracts top youth players from areas including Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dillsburg, Harrisburg, New Cumberland, and York, Pennsylvania.

Keystone FC offers financial scholarship aid to players and parents facing economic challenges. Funds from the golf fundraiser and dinner will go towards uniform costs, registrations and tournament fees.

“Giving back to the local community is crucial for us,” said Splashwire President and CEO Josh Hinkle. “We are excited to support Keystone FC and help open the door to children who otherwise may not be able to participate in the league.”