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Your Company Deserves a Better Way To Consume Technology

Your Company Deserves A Better Way To Consume Technology

As a technology and cloud provider focused primarily on the Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) community, we believe this community has been largely ignored by the manufacturing and cloud providers. While there are convenient solutions for the one-man shop (very small) and complex solutions for the enterprise (very large), the organizations in the middle are left to choose between simplistic offerings that don’t provide the appropriate feature sets and expensive, complex solutions that require significant internal resources. Members of the SMB community who require a level of sophistication and security but don’t have a full time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), have been forced to choose to operate without adequate thought, planning and management or create an unsustainable cost structure. Until now…

Splashwire has brought a unique capability to sophisticated SMB companies. We provide the ability to have thought leadership on an as needed basis. We can secure your IT infrastructure and data with no additional costly internal hires. We can get your company to the cloud thoughtfully and securely. Most importantly, Splashwire helps SMBs to be able to:

  • Securely and affordably virtualize your IT needs
  • Create and maintain policy, procedure and practices that safeguard your data
  • Plan refresh cycles and without significant capital forklift upgrades
  • Execute on your IT expansions and refreshes without the burden of internal resources with a partner that has studied and learned your business and its critical performance factors

AND, most importantly, Splashwire allows you to work with a cloud-based partner that develops a personalized Disaster Recovery method for your business that can include Splashwire personnel at your site, with your data, within six hours, anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is this unique blend of data-center ownership and “customer service first” dedication that sets Splashwire apart. Cloud providers, by their nature, operate at a distance. It is their model and, for many, it serves them well. It has, however, created a lack of relationship with their customer base. If you need help, you get the next available technician. With Splashwire, you will know your vCIO/vCISO. You will know your technicians and work with them. The relationship will grow and our customers benefit from working with trained technical resources that know and understand the unique nature of the individual consumer environment.

No two networks are the same. Work with a cloud provider that will work to make your network their own. And when disaster comes, we’ll meet at your place.

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