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The CEO Corner – Moving IT from Operational to a Strategic Advantage

In the Inaugural CEO Corner, I focused on the history of Splashwire, reminiscing about the roots of the company and the role Y2K played in its creation all while pivoting to the vision that will lead us forward. Since that article, we welcomed in the year 2020, we officially are 20 years old and Y2K is definitively in the rear-view mirror. On behalf of all constituents of the company past and present to all the clients during those 20 years… THANK YOU! For prospective clients, we’re ready to welcome you aboard!  

During the last 20 years, technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams. I recall my ‘advanced pager’ with the monochrome screen, canned responses and two-way communication. I now wear a watch that talks to me, listens to me and sometimes corrects me. When I traded that pager and internal IT for a fancy iPhone and the consulting life, I came from significant experience in enterprise sized environments specializing in PCI and HIPPA compliance and SMB security was eye opening! Complicated, expensive solutions were reserved for larger entities with the burden of expertise and budget often too great for small business. I knew then I wanted to provide CIO services to the SMB market for business that did not have the financial luxury of full-time strategic IT resources. Every business needs and deserves strategic IT thought leadership and risk management at varying degrees.

I’d like to issue a call to action that 2020 is the year IT moves from operational necessity to a strategic part of your business. Define your security posture. Complete your disaster recovery plan. Create a culture for both and test them. Splashwire’s 2020 New Year’s resolution: Lead every client to grow their security posture, protect business assets, mitigate risks. How? CIO Services, Security as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.  Why? Quite honestly the risk of threats to your business are growing while simple, affordable solutions are more effective than ever in protecting your assets.  

Get started by attending our 1st Quarterly CIO Round Table on Disaster Recovery on January 29th.

But don’t take our word for it, Adam Reeder from Ace Distributing can tell you how strategy and thought leadership from our CIO services create value and grow business!

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