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Mixing Business with Technology: How Splashwire Helped Local Company Grow

Mixing Business with Technology: How Splashwire Helped Local Company Grow

Several years ago, Ace Distributing needed an analysis of their network infrastructure. The beverage wholesaler based in Wrightsville, Pa. was quickly growing and needed to ensure they had the IT solutions to support their mid-sized company.

Splashwire was up to the task. After a thorough review of Ace Distributing’s network and IT solutions, Splashwire identified opportunities for improvement.

“With Splashwire’s recommendations, we replaced our network infrastructure and implemented enhanced products and solutions,” said Adam Reeder, vice president of strategic initiatives for Ace. “With these new tools, we acquired what we needed to support our services, operations and growth. And we became more efficient.”

Today, Splashwire and Ace Distributing continue to work together to keep Ace’s IT infrastructure where it needs to be. “We have comfort knowing we have higher reliability with Splashwire’s monitoring systems and IT support from their team of experts,” Reeder said.

In conjunction with its ongoing growth, Ace Distributing is experiencing changes operationally, logistically and strategically. That’s why they also now depend on Splashwire’s C-suite services to guide them in how to leverage technology to reach their business goals.

Through its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services, Splashwire brings to the table strategic-level knowledge, education and experience. CISO services provide senior-level expertise to assist companies in establishing, improving and managing their technology.

“Our Splashwire CISO has dedicated the time to learn more about our industry, our company, and how we operate to share best practices,” Reeder said, “He understands our business goals and makes strategic recommendations for IT solutions and investments to get us where we need to go, all while keeping up with the latest technology and security advancements.”

Reeder most appreciates the partnership and relationship Ace Distributing has built with Splashwire, “Splashwire is willing to listen and work with us to fulfill our business objectives. They are a valued partner that contributes to our overall growth and success.”

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