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2K Partners with Smart Health Innovation Lab

Smart Health Innovation Lab2K Networking Inc. today announced it will provide in-kind technology support for the newly opened Smart Health Innovation Lab located in downtown Lancaster.

Specifically, 2K Networking will provide Smart Health Innovation Lab with networking and IT security management services. 2K Networking will leverage security services from SonicWall, the company’s security solutions partner.

Additionally, 2K Networking will collaborate with Smart Health Innovation Lab to develop a roadmap of technology solutions to scale up the facility’s technology capabilities as it grows.

Smart Health Innovation Lab, an accelerator for healthcare technologies, will support startup companies with a 12-week certification program during which they will work with technology, payor and clinical experts to validate their products and integrate them into clinical workflows. Startups will utilize various simulated environments at the lab’s facilities – including a pharmacy, hospital room, physical therapy gym, clinician’s office, and home environment – to demonstrate how their technologies impact cost, the patient and provider experience, and health outcomes.

“The newly opened Smart Health Innovation Lab and the startups it will host promise to break new ground in healthcare, improving both outcomes and the care experience,” said Josh Hinkle, president and CEO of 2K Networking. “2K Networking is pleased to provide technology infrastructure and connectivity that will help early-stage healthcare companies transform their innovations into market-ready products. As a company driven to simplify how technology is consumed, and enhance how technology is experienced, the Smart Health Innovation Lab aligns perfectly with our mission and our strengths. ”

The Smart Health Innovation Lab used a collaborative approach to equip the new facility. Everything from the simulated care environments to the conference rooms have been outfitted by companies and vendors that have sponsored the lab.

“As we built out the Smart Health Innovation Lab facilities, we sought out best-in-breed technologies and services that aligned with our mission,” said Kim Ireland, CEO of Smart Health Innovation Lab. “With 2K Networking’s support, our resident startups will have access to a state-of-the-art IT environment and top-tier technology solutions as they leverage our certification program to validate their innovations and streamline their path to market. We thank 2K Networking for playing a key role in the Smart Health Innovation Lab’s larger goal of lowering healthcare costs, enhancing the patient and provider experience, and improving outcomes.”

In January, 2K Networking announced that Hinkle, previously the company’s director of business development and strategic initiatives, acquired the company and assumed the role of president and CEO.

Among the areas of growth Hinkle envisions for 2K Networking are what’s known in the industry as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, Business Intelligence services and Top-Tier Data Center services, which the firm hosts locally in Harrisburg and in Denver, Colorado.

2K Networking also is well-versed in the complexities that impact healthcare IT. The company provides healthcare organizations with services ranging from network management to data protection to disaster recovery, as well as integration with key platforms such as electronic medical record and practice management platforms.

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