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2K Networking Rebrands as Splashwire

Splashwire Inc. — Information Technology Support & Solutions2K Networking Inc. today announced that the firm has rebranded as Splashwire. The brand change symbolizes a new era for the privately owned company, which began operating under new ownership and leadership earlier this year.

“Much has changed since the company started in 2000,” said Josh Hinkle, the company’s president and CEO. “Not just technology itself, but what businesses and their customers expect from technology. With the launch of our new brand identity, we are zeroing in with laser focus on two things: simplifying how technology is consumed and enhancing how technology is experienced. Those are the drivers that will define how Splashwire solves our clients’ challenges and meets the expectations of their customers, employees and leadership teams.”

As Splashwire, the company is organizing around four core services areas: consulting (system integration, migrations, implementation and operational support), solutions (converged architecture, visualization, networking, wireless and locally hosted solutions), security (Security as a Service, compliance, monitoring, incident response and disaster recovery) and communication (business-class Internet and telecommunications solutions).

Under its new brand, the company also is placing a greater emphasis on C-suite services including Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, an option for organizations that need top-tier IT security expertise and guidance on an ongoing basis; and business intelligence services, which turn raw business data into meaningful and actionable insights.

The new brand identity also conveys a cultural shift at the company.

“As a brand, the name 2K was suggestive of the past,” Hinkle said. “But we’re not on the cusp of the new century, we’re in it. And as a company, we’re not looking back; our focus is on what’s ahead. Culturally, our team of technology advisors, engineers and support specialists are committed to a new era of growth together and to collectively leading with the strength of our capabilities. Splashwire is the fresh new identity under which we are boldly pursuing that future.”

In January, the company announced that Hinkle, previously its director of business development and strategic initiatives, acquired the company and assumed the role of president and CEO.

While Splashwire serves clients nationally, it also takes an interest in supporting technology-related ventures close to home, particular projects that enhance the visibility and economic vitality of the Central Pennsylvania region.

For example, the company has signed on to provide in-kind technology support for the newly opened Smart Health Innovation Lab located in downtown Lancaster. Smart Health Innovation Lab is an accelerator for healthcare technologies where technology companies, payors and providers work together to validate and integrate innovations into the healthcare marketplace.

Splashwire is well-versed in the complexities of healthcare IT, but also has depth of experience in other sectors including education, government, manufacturing and non-profit.

The company also is a partner of leading technology and information security brands including Aerohive Networks, Barracuda, Cisco, Datto, Dell EMC, Microsoft, Quest, SonicWall, Veeam and WMware.

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