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2K Networking Announces New Owner and CEO

2K Networking Inc.2K Networking Inc. today announced a change of ownership and new leadership for the firm.

Josh Hinkle, previously 2K Networking’s director of business development and strategic initiatives, has acquired the company and is now CEO. Former CEO Glenn Pepo will remain on the 2K Networking team in a consulting capacity and will continue to serve clients.

Hinkle joined 2K Networking in 2014. He has more than 20 years of strategic planning, operational and technology integration experience.

Prior to 2K Networking, Hinkle was chairman of Adams County Connected, a community initiative to improve Internet access in the county for the benefit of schools, government services and commerce. He also previously was chief operating officer for York-based Healthcare System Connections; chief information officer and security officer for Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pennsylvania, where his accountabilities included HIPPA privacy compliance; and national head of data center, network and information security for the American Heart Association, where he was responsible for managing the organization’s enterprise-wide technology infrastructure as well as PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

“With this transition, 2K Networking looks forward to expanding its presence as a technology services and solutions leader,” Pepo said. “What started as a small IT firm has grown considerably thanks to a commitment to professional excellence and making sure our clients get the most out of their technology investments. With Josh’s vision and leadership, 2K is well positioned to help organizations stay on the leading edge of the ever-changing technology landscape.”

Hinkle said, “This is really a dream come true. Being part of the 2K Networking team and serving our clients has been tremendously gratifying. As I step into my new role, I couldn’t be more excited to set the vision for where the company will go from here. Companies are hungry for technology services and solutions that provide a positive customer experience. I look forward to leading 2K to develop new and innovative offerings to satisfy that demand and add even more value for our clients.”

Among the areas of growth Hinkle envisions for 2K Networking are what’s known in the industry as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, Business Intelligence services and Top-Tier Data Center services, which the firm hosts locally in Harrisburg.

“By serving as a virtual chief information security officer, 2K Networking enables business owners, CEOs and CFOs to focus on running their businesses while 2K’s CISO manages their technology,” Hinkle said. “Our CISOs bring deep expertise, demystify complex technology and add clarity for our clients’ support staff. We guide executive management teams in making prudent decisions, managing technology to maximize their organizations’ return on investment, and implementing security and compliance best practices.”

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